Upcoming Events

Taproom Calendar

June 25 - Tuesday

WRRC Group Run

June 26 - Wednesday

Plant Swap Mini-Market

June 28 - Friday

Massive Grass

June 29 - Saturday

Summer Solstice Fest

June 30 - Sunday

Music: Randy McQuay.
Wilmington's very own roots and blues musician Randy McQuay returns for another night of awesome music and entertainment. One of Lee Oskar Harmonica's Featured Artists and winner of the International Blues Challenge solo artist of the year! We surely do love us some Randy McQuay!

July 02 - Tuesday

WRRC Group Run

July 03 - Wednesday

Gruff Goat Comedy

July 04 - Thursday

Freedom Fest!

Folkstone Stringband

July 06 - Saturday

Latin Night!

July 07 - Sunday

Travis Shallow

July 09 - Tuesday

WRRC Group Run

July 10 - Wednesday

Vinyl Exchange

July 12 - Friday

Justin Cody Fox Band

July 13 - Saturday

FBAR adoption event

July 14 - Sunday

HippieFest and DHIM Reggae