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Waterline Brewing Co., Craft Brewery in Wilmington, NC Waterline Brewing Co., Craft Brewery in Wilmington, NC


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POSITION DESCRIPTION: Asst Manager/Bartender


Overview.  This position is a dynamic job that requires an individual that can lead staff and be able to balance a multitude of ever-changing responsibilities that involve the operation and management of the taproom at Waterline Brewing Company.  This position requires that the person maintain skills as a fully qualified Waterline bartender who sets the example for all bartenders to follow.  This position requires demonstrated leadership qualities, the ability to prioritize care for company and coworkers, maintain high quality standards, and show a willingness to accept greater responsibilities.  As the Waterline management representative during a shift, excellent communication skills are vital in addition to always conducting themselves in a professional, respectful manner; often under pressure and with difficult customers.  This position is ultimately responsible during a shift for bartender and customer safety and Waterline facility safety and security. The position schedule is part-time with expectation of 20-30 hours per week and must have open availability for days, nights, and weekend shifts, holidays, large events and covering emergencies as available.  This position reports to the Taproom Manager. 

Specific Skills Required:

  • Minimum 2 years bartending experience (Fully trained and qualified bartender)
  • Excellent communication skills with customers and co-workers
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and attention to detail
  • Team Player
  • Ability to troubleshoot taproom equipment
  • Ability to safely transport 1/2 and 1/6 barrel kegs on a dolly
  • Able to take direction and give clear instructions/direction

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure Waterline standards are being maintained with upkeep and cleanliness of taproom
  • Confirm completion of bartender opening/closing duties; complete Closing Manager duties
  • Accurately handle cash and financial shift closeout duties
  • Be prepared for any group or special events occurring during the shift to include the event is setup according to prearranged details, meet the party when they arrive, and check on the party occasionally to see if they need anything during the event
  • Ensure walk-in cooler for taproom are adequately backed up at beginning of the shift
  • Assist bartenders as needed during volume times during shift and with difficult customers
  • Record keg travel from cold storage to front cooler and from front cooler to dirty on EKOS
  • Participate in social media updates; as assigned by manager
  • Fold and count and put away new merch inventory

Conditions of Employment: This position will be subjected to hearing and knowledge of propriety information. Anything discussed in office, by or about staff or Waterline in general must be kept confidential. A signed, legally binding, nondisclosure agreement is required. This position will be subjected to a 90 day probationary period. At the end of the 90 days a performance review will be conducted and employee may be eligible for raise.